Andrew MacDonald         

I offer psycho-spiritual groups and coaching to

stand tall within the Great Reset crisis.

  • Connect with soul wisdom
  • Imagine the personal vision
  • Live it in the world

    Our Crisis is a Birth and an Awakening!

The Covid / Reset narratives are challenging and crazy-making. They activate early survival strategies from our personal and social lives. It's normal to feel unsafe and deeply challenged by what's happening. I offer free groups and professional coaching to find our way through.

We need each other, now more than ever. 

Coaching can help with hard-to-see problems in the family system: early trauma; attachment difficulties, especially to mother; intergenerational trauma.

Groups are free or by donation. Individual sessions are $125 Cdn. for first session of two hours, $90 thereafter. 

Click for a 30 minute "Conversation for No Reason" and let's see what happens.

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About the trauma work . . . 

We're shaped by the quality of our earliest attachment to our parents,  

especially our mothers in the first years.

Many problems also result from multi-generational trauma in the family.

"It didn't start with you, but it can end with you!" - Mark Wolynn

Individuation, maturation, blessing don't happen alone!

I believe we'll get through this time with the help of conscious peers and the wisdom to know something greater is in charge.  

I love the image of Vikings rowing together off the map in search of the greatest adventure. They're reaching to fulfill the mystery that's beyond the known! 

Just like us!