Andrew MacDonald

            Group Host, Writer

Consciousness Groups

Groups are shared explorations where the whole is more than the sum of their parts. 

At first
A group supports participants when it promotes and shows the way to safety, clear communication, respect and ease in breathing the relational air. Such a group provides fresh air. This is the series I'm undertaking right now (November, 2021). The inspiration for this first level is Peter Block. He's a genius, a blessing, a sage, a gift, an ordinary person. Thank you Peter. I've been working with his protocols from his book Community: the Structure of Belonging for years. Here are the key ideas from that book. 

It contains stuff like (mostly paraphrasing):

The small group is the unit of transformation.
Each group aims to be an example of the future worth we want to live in:
The social fabric is changed and helped one room at a time, the one we're in at the moment.

There are basic guidelines for clear communication that can be practiced and made one's own. They are not hard to learn and practice and they help a great deal. They help with getting past our individual concern that we won't be heard or understood or welcomed just as we are. A good group is a place where that welcome and belonging are prioritized.

A little later
After a while other possibilities and doors open up. We live in an evolutionary world that cries out for a new way forward. What is possible for such a group over time, what doors may open is truly not known. We have an extraordinary need now for a collective awakening, a collective birthing of the new. It will take a collective consciousness to help birth it. This collective consciousness is birthed collectively, that is to sa in groups. 

Come join in!