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Thursday PATHFINDING Group

Zoom. 90 Minutes. Thursdays at 11am Eastern, 4pm UK, 5pm CET

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A place to experience the more than the sum of the parts benefit that collective intelligence provides. 

"The social fabric is changed one room at a time, the one we're in at the moment." 

- paraphrasing Peter Block

This is an introductory group, a chance to experience this small group way of working based on powerful questions, break-out room experiences followed by group reflection. 

In my view the future requires more than a drop-in approach. We're in a challenging time. It's All Hands on Deck.

In the small group you can practice: 

  • Owning our own unique voice and authority while staying connected to the group
  • Moving past mere analysis to the personal place where transformation and something new can come in
  • Seeking the common good rather than promoting our "right way."
  • Ownership, authentic dissent, commitment, the art of invitation, the Gift

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